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Founded in May of 1994, the TMJ Society of California (a 501c3 organization) is the leading voice of advocacy nationwide for those who suffer from the many faces of "TMD" - temporomandibular (joint) disorders.

Grounded in purpose, the "not-for-profit" TMJ Society promotes physical and emotional healing through their efforts in the following areas: exchange of experiences, emotional support, data collection, education within both the public and business sectors, public awareness of issues surrounding the treatment and recognition of the disorder, legislation to ensure effective policy coverage and treatment options for patients, and participation with national "consumer rights" coalitions for the betterment of care.

Making it Law
As a direct result of TMJ Society's testimony and efforts, AB 2994 - "The Jaw Joint bill" - became reality for California's consumers in July of 1995, ensuring that denials of surgical treatment for jaw joints or upper/lower jaw bones would constitute a misdemeanor if surgery were determined to be medically necessary. Since passage of AB 2994, such denials of treatment are illegal and considered discriminatory. Viewed as a major victory for sufferers of TMD, the thoroughness of testimony and data presented by TMJ Society was significant -- AB 2994 passed with minimal opposition.

Assisting in the review of those cases for which surgical treatment had been determined to be medically necessary, but where as a denial of authorization for insurance benefits prevailed, a "first ever" Peer Review Board was created by TMJ Society to ensure adherence to the law set for by AB 2994. The board continues as a vital component of TMJ Society today, and is comprised of specialists within the Medical, Dental, Radiological and Physical Therapy professions.

Ready, Willing & Able to Assist
Consumer support is available for those wishing to obtain information on TMJ/TMD and treatment options by means of an "all-volunteer" hot line, easily accessed by calling: (916) 444-1985. The support line also offers an environment for which patients can share their experiences and interact with those who understand and appreciate their needs.

On the Wings of Change
The TMJ Society of California is a charter member and co-sponsor of Citizens for the "Right to Know" Coalition, a pro-active national coalition supporting patient rights and full disclosure policies. Speaking nationally on consumer rights, TMJ Society has raised awareness of TMD, and supported those policies in which an insurer must fully disclose policy coverage/limitations prior to a patient/consumer contracting for healthcare benefits.

Within their quarterly newsletter, "Disclosure", tips, treatments, and resource information offer consumers a bounty of advice, as well as legislative updates regarding pending healthcare-related bills that may be of interest to their readers.

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The Many Faces of TMJ

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California's Emerging Health Care Advocate - You!

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We need your help!

The success of a national TMJ registry and repository requires the involvement of a network of clinicians, researchers, patients, donors, and implant manufacturers. As research is completed, NIDCR's TIRR data (medical, clinical, epidemiological) will be posted on our website http://tmjregistry.org to help educate consumers , patients, and health care providers in making informed treatment decisions and improving patient care and outcomes. Click here for the brochure. (pdf format, 300K)

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